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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1161 - 1170

きみ you; buddy; pal; (male language) mop, mouth = old boy 尹口 = 君
群れる むれる to crowd; to flock; to swarm old boy, sheep = flock 君羊 = 群
耐える たえる to bear; to stand; to endure; to put up with; to support; to withstand; to resist; to brave; to be fit for; to be equal to comb, inch = -proof 而寸 = 耐
需* じゅ demand; need; request rain, comb = demand 雨而 = 需
じゅ Confucianism; Confucianist; Chinese scholar Mr. T; demand = Confucian 亻需 = 儒
はし end (of street); tip; point; edge; margin; beginning; start; first; odds and ends; scrap; odd bit; least stand up, mountain, comb = edge 立山而 = 端
りょう both (e.g. both shoulders); counter for carriages (e.g. in a train) street, belt, shovel = both 丁冂 凵 = 両
満たす みたす to satisfy; to fulfill; to appease; to fill (a cup); to pack; to reach (a certain number) water, flowers, both = full 氵⺾両 = 満
かく stroke (of a kanji) one, wherefore, shovel = brush-stroke 一由凵 = 画
需要 じゅよう demand; request demand, need = demand 需要
儒学 じゅがく Confucianism Confucian, study = Confucianism 儒学
両手 りょうて (with) both hands; approvingly both, hand = (with both hands; approvingly 両手
伊達 だて elegance; dandyism; sophistication; having style; affectation; showing off; putting on an air; appearances; just for show Italy, accomplished = elegance, dandyism; sophistication 伊達
伊* だ Italy; that one Mr. T, mop = Italy 亻尹 = 伊
Created by: keropin