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Earth's Surface

It's All About Change

Weathering is the breaking up of the rocks on Earth's Surface into smaller pieces of sand or rocks.
Water seeps into small cracks in the rock.
When the temperature falls below freezing, water expands as it becomes ice.
Freezing and thawing make the cracks bigger until some of the rock breaks away.
Rocks carried down a swiftly moving river are weathered as they bump against each other.
Particles carried by wind also smooth and polish the rock as they strike its surface.
Small pieces of rock produced by weathering become soil of sand.
Erosion is the process of moving weathered bits of rock from one place to another.
Glaciers, thick layers of ice cause erosion.
The snow turns in to ice and gravity pulls it slowly down a hill.
The glacier erodes away the surface beneath it.
Boulders and rocks carried in the ice, scrape the rock beneath the glacier carving valleys into mountainsides.
Water erosion moves the MOST rock on Earth's Surface.
Rain carries the soil away as it washes over the land, leaving gullies, valleys,and canyons.
Wind is not strong enough to carry large rocks away.
The downward pull of gravity affects all erosion process.
Arches, valleys, canyons and buttes are continual changing g due to the effect of weathering and erosion.
This change takes millions of years.
Uplift occurs when part of Earth's Surface rises above the surrounding land.
This occurs when great forces of heat and pressure deep within Earth move solid rock.
Uplift formed the Colorado Plateau, creating nearly all the spectacular variety of canyon country in Utah.
Deposition is the dropping of sand and rock carried by wind or water.
The sand of rocks now live in a different place.
Created by: Love2Sing