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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1081 - 1090

なみだ tears water, re- = tears 氵戻 = 涙
雇う やとう to employ; to hire; to charter door, turkey = employ 戸隹 = 雇
顧みる かえりみる to look back (over shoulder or at the past); to turn around; to review; to reflect; to reconsider employ, page = look back 雇頁 = 顧
啓* けい disclose; open; say door, taskmaster, mouth = disclose 戸攵口 = 啓
示す しめす to denote; to show; to point out; to indicate; to exemplify two, small = show 二小 = 示
れい thanking; expression of gratitude altar, fishhook = salutation 礻乚 = 礼
祥* しょう auspicious; blessedness; good fortune; good omen; happiness altar, sheep = auspicious 礻羊 = 祥
祝う いわう to congratulate; to celebrate; to observe (a festival) altar, elder brother = celebrate 礻兄 = 祝
ふく good fortune altar, wealth = blessing 礻畐 = 福
啓示 けいじ revelation (divine revelation) disclose, show = revelation (divine revelation) 啓示
祥月 しょうつき month of a person's death auspicious, moon = month of a person't death 祥雲
戻る もどる to turn back; to return; to go back; to recover; to rebound door, large = re- 戸大 = 戻
Created by: keropin