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105. In federal court, the trial issues of law and fact are governed by a ___. In state courts that do not use a Pretrial Order, the issues of fact and law are governed by the ___. pretrial order latest pleadings
106. The process of questioning prospective jurors is called ___. voir dire
107. There are two kinds of challenges to prospective jurors: CHALLENGES FOR CAUSE reasonable cause to excuse a person from jury service based on a possibility of prejudice against 1 of the parties or some other bias. PEREMPTORY CHALLENGES limited no. of strikes to excuse prospective jurors for no stated reason.
108. Asking the court to order all witnesses other than parties to leave the room is known as ___. invoking the rule
109. A defendant may move for the right to ___ if he has the burden of proof on all the remaining issues. open and close
110. Under the Seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution, all parties have a right to trial by jury in ___ that ___ in controversy. cases at common law exceed twenty dollars
111. Parties have no constitutional right to trial by jury in ___ cases. However, the states may grant the right to jury trial in equity cases. equity
112. The right to jury trial is presumed to exist under a federal statute unless that statute ___ the right. expressly excludes
113. If a party fails to request a jury within the time allowed by ___, the right to jury trial is ___. forum law waived
114. After all evidence and arguments have been presented, the judge describes the applicable law to the jury in ___. If the judge instructs the jury incorrectly on an issue of law, this is ___ even though it applies to the jury's function. jury instructions appealable
115. If a jury is not requested, the court conducts a non-jury trial in which the judge becomes the ___. trier of law and fact
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