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Geography 2000

Chapters 7-10

What is the capital city of Iran? Tehran
What is the capital city of India? New Delhi
What is the capital city of Pakistan? Islamabad
What is the capital city of China Beijing
What is the capital city of Japan? Tokyo
In 1947, British India was portioned into which state? South Asia
What is a physiological population density of a country and how does it relate to arithmetic density? Physiological density is the number of people per unit of arable (used for food production) land. Arithmetic density is the number of people per area.
Describe what happens in the 4 stages of the demographic transition. In which one is India and China? Demographic transition is a chart that displays a structural birth and death rate, first in rapid population increase, and subsequently, in declining growth rates and stable population. India and China are in the 3rd stage.
Describe Japans population. Name the 4 largest main lands. 1. Hokkaido 2. Honshu 3. Shikoko 4. Kyushu
What is the percentage of Shi'ite and Sunni muslims in the world? Sunni- 80% Shi'ite- 20%
The cast system is mostly associated with what religion? Hindu
What type of government rules India? Demographic government overthrown by military government.
Name the chokepoint between Yemen and Djibouti. Suez Canal and Strait of Hormuz
What is the most important ethnic group in Afghanistan? Pashtuns
Name the country with the "People of the Hans" China
Chinas largest city? Shanghai
Name the 3 largest Chinese cities 1. Beijing 2. Shanghai 3. Hong Kong
Compare the size/area of China and the U.S China extends further north and south compared to the U.S; greater range of natural environments
What is the occasion on October 1, 1949 Birth of Peoples Republic of China
What is a Special Economic Zone? Name Chinas SEZ-Open cities and open coastal areas; attract technologies and and investments, reshape the economic geography east of China.
What are China's SEZ's 1. Shenzen 2. Zhubai 3.Shantou 4. Xiamen 5. Hainah 6. Pudong 7. Bin Hai new area
What is the name of the island 400 miles away from India? Maldives
What are the results of the Meji Restoration? China wants nothing to do with religion now
What are the dominant crops of India? 1. Wheat 2. Rice 3. Cotton
Between China and India, which of the 2 have a larger middle class? China
When did India become apart of the British empire? 1900, but by 1942 it already achieved its independence.
What is the ancient name of Iran? "Empire of Persians" or Persians
What is the populations of India and China? Compare the 2 China- 1.351 billion India- 1.237 billion China has more people but their not as poor, India has a high poverty rate.
Who used to own Hong Kong? who owns it now? since when? Britain used to own Hong Kong but gave it back to China 1997
What religion in China is called Manchuria by foreigners? Northeast China
Who do Chinese call Tibet? And Hong Kong? Tibet- Xizang Hong Kong-Xanggang
Describe Chinas "One Child Policy" and the consequences on their population today Abortions, female ifantcide, and sending kids to villages. Consequences are all the above and there are more boys than girls.
What is the population number in Saudia Arabia? 28.29 million
What do you know about the Japanesse cities Kyoto and Tokyo? Kyoto- The only major Japanesse city not along the coast The capital of Japan was moved from Kyoto to Tokyo by the Meiji rulers.
When was the communist peoples republic of China proclaimed and by who? Mao claimed it October 1, 1949
Describe Japans natural landscapes Mountainous and hilly, with flat hand at a premium
Name the 2 former colonial entities that were reunited with China during the late 1990s Macau(Macao) and Hong Kong (Xiangang)
What was the outcome of the Korean War? A military sale mate resulting in the continued division of the country.
Whic European country used to own Macau? Portugese
What is the name of the priestly castle in India? Brahman
The direct administration of India by the British government (the raj)lasted for how many years? Less than a century
Composition and origins of Sikhism Developed and still based in the Punjab region
What and when Bangladesh used to be called? Bengal 1971
What is the name of the area that is hostly disputed between India and Pakistan? Jammu and Kashmir
Who are called the untouchables? What are they called in India? Called the Harijans in India; Palits are called the untouchables they are members of the lowest social group in the Hindu caste system
What city does Israel desire as their capital city? Jerusalem
What is the Sharia? Islamic la based on the teachings of the Koran and traditions of the Prophet
Difference between Expansion diffusion and Relocation diffusion? Expansion Diffusion: The spread of a feature from one place to another in a snowballing process. Relocation Diffusion: The spread of an idea through physical movement of people from one place to another.
What empire ruled over much of Southwest Asia prior to WW1 ? Ottoman Empire
What country has the most Shi'ite Muslims? Iran
Name the 3 largest countries in population size North Africa/ Southwest Asia realm? 1. Egypt 2. Iran 3. Turkey
What is the name of the land between rivers in the Middle East? Mesopotamia
Which colonial power controlled a large part of the North East China from 1937 to 1945? Japan
Where is the Darfur Region located?What happened there a few years ago? Why? Located in the central west of Sudan; Massive ethnic cleansing hapened because Rebels in Darfur accused the government of neglecting the region.
In which countries flows the Euphrates river and Tigris river? Turkey through Iraq
Name countries that make up the Maghreb Atlas Mountains, Cassablanca, countries that were once called the Barbay states, area known as the Tell
What African country fought a bitter war of liberation against France in North Africa? Algeria
Name the major mountain range in North Africa Atlas Mountains
When was modern day Israel created? 1948
Name the piece of land that the Syrians lost to the Israelis Golan
Describe loess and its origins Uplands located in the central Huang Basin which are composed of thick, highly fertile, wild born soil deposits(probably from the near by Ordos desert)
What is the Hindutva and its goals? Ideology seeking to establish the hegemony of Hindus an the Hindu way of life.
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