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Micro Lab

Lab Final

Anaerobic growth (anaerobic jar, candle jar) No oxygen needed
What is Fluid Thioglycollate? What is it used for? What does it contain/purpose? Rich liquid medium-supports growth of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. Contains glucose, cysteine and sodium thioglycollate to reduce its oxidation/ reduction potential.
What dye is used in anaerobic growth? What are the classifications? Resazurin (dye) indicator for the presence of oxygen, in presence of oxygen dye becomes pink at the top
What is the Kirby-Bauer method used for? What method is used? Determine the sensitivity or resistance of a bacterium to and antimictobial. Lawn method.
How do you measure the zone of inhibition and read it on the zone interpretation charts? Measure the zone diameters with a metric rule to the nearest whole millimeter. Resistant ( less than = to 8 to 30), Intermediate (9-46), Sensitive (more than = to 13-41)
Four microrganisms were worked with; S. aureus, E.coli, P.vulgaris and P, aeruginosa. What genus is most resistant? Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Before testing what color is Glucose Broth? Red
What tube is inside the glucose broth? Durham tube
What indicator dye does glucose broth contain? What is the swing point? Phenol Red; swing point of 7.
What color does a positive glucose test turn? What is being produced if there is a bubble inside the Durham tube? Yellow (acid production), Gas production (if bubble inside D.tube)
What is Methyl red? what is the swing point? Indicator dye; swing point 5
Mixed acid fermenters indication of? No Krebs Cycle
What enzyme is responsible for urea hydrolysis? Urease
What is the color of a positive urease test? Cerise (bright or deep red color)
What color appears for a positive indole test? A red band appears at the top of the tube
What does an indole indicate? (break down into what?) Tryptophan (tryptophanase)
Kligler's iron agar detects the fermentation of what two sugars? Glucose and Lactose
Kligler's iron agar detects the production of what? (testing for) Hydrogen sulfide resulting from the breakdown of the amino acid cysteine
What is Kligler's iron agar useful for? Differentiation of the gram-negative bacteria
What color does a positive Kligler's iron produce? Dark in bottom of tube (hydrogen sulfide production)
What is Spirit Blue agar used to test for? Lipase (Staphylococcus was positive)
What chemical is used in a catalase test? Hydrogen peroxide
What is a characteristic of a positive catalase test? What is being produced? Bubbles and oxygen gas
What is one organism that is catalase positive? Staphylococcus
What color is an original citrate tube? Green
What color is a positive citrate tube? What does that indicate? Prussian blue; citrate utilization
In the VP test, what reagents are used? Voges and Barrits (aplah too?)
What is being produced with the VP test? Acetoin (alcohol production (butanediol))
What color indicates a positive VP test? Pink or red color
What reagent is used in a coagulase test? Rabbit serum
What genus is a coagulase test preformed on to help tell the difference? Staph aureus (positive-stringy/clumps together) and Staph epidermidis (negative)
What is a Staph ID test? Coagulase test
What is m-staphylococcus broth enriched with? enriched with salt
What is one strep ID test? Hemolysis (beta=clear, gamma=none, apha=green)
What is a second Strep ID test? Antibiotic disks (bacitracin,optim disks, SST-check resistance with Kirby-Bauer test)
What media is used for Strep ID tests? Blood Agar Plate
What is a Gram negative rod ID test? Glucose/ Lactose
What media is used in Gram - rod ID tests? SS agar, EMB agar, McConkeys agar
What two organisms are the only lactose negative ones? Salmonella and Shigella
What is an indicator of a lactose negative organism? and what does that mean? colorless on all media's used; no fermantation
What enzyme is starch agar used for? Amylase
What genus is positive for amylase? Bacillus
What chemical is used with starch agar? Grams iodine
What is a result of a postive Amylase test? What is the result of a negative amylase test? After grams iodine is poured into plate, there will be a clear ring surrounding bacteria. Negative test=all turns black
What do pyrimidine dimers do with/ in UV light? ability to recover from UV light/repairs (skin)
What does mpn stand for? (water qualitative) Most probable Number
What is the name of the protein in Skim milk agar? Casinase
What chemical is added to read the starch agar plate? Gram's Iodine
What is the name of the small tube inside the large tube in the glucose broth test? Durham tube
A positive methyl red test tells us which energy pathway is being utilized. Which pathway is it? Mixed acid fermenters
Name a genus that is known lactose negative Salmonella and Shigella
What do we call the first name of a bacterium? Genus
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