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Microbiology Lecture


Who was the first man to make a magnifying and reflecting surface? (microscope) Anton von Leuwenhoek
Anton von Leuwenhoek manufactured by hand over _____ lenses in his lifetime? 400 lenses
What was Leuwnhoek's greatest contribution to science? machinery he invented that allowed him to put two lenses in tandem and still move his specimen
Who was the first person to coin the term 'cell'? Robert Hooke
Robert Hooke defined cell theory; what was it? All living things are composed of cells
Who proposed cell theory? Who was he? Theodore Schwann; botanist- thought to believe everything is alive/made up of cells
Who came up with Karyos (cells with a 'nut')? Robert Brown
Who was the man who first observed 'wee beasties'? Anton von Leuwenhoek
Whos is known as the 'Father of Bacteriology'? Robert Koch
The person who did the most to develop pure culture techniques of bacteria was? Robert Koch
The microscope was a major technological invention. During what century was it invented? 1600's
What man owes his recognition and contribution to science most directly to his sloppy graduate students? Alexander Flemming
Who invented broth, agar, loops, capsule stain, spore stain, petri dish, etc? Robert Koch
who discovered/studied Bacillus anthracis (anthrax)? Robert Koch
Who developed the acid-fast stain? Paul Ehrlich
Who worked on diphthria? Paul Ehrilch
Who created salvorsan leole (arsnic compound to kill syphyllis)? Paul Ehrilch
Who "discovered/used" penicillium? Alexander Flemming
Who had the idea to wash hands before medical procedures? Semmelweis
Childbed fever (puerperal sepsis) was a disease that these two men both made recommendations that revolutionized medicine? Oliver Wendall Holmes and Ignas Semmelweis
Who invented pie charts? Flrance nightingale
Who found that living things had cells that helped to fight antigens? (Cellular immunity) Eli Metchnikoff
Who worked in pasteurs lab on diphtheria and discovered humoral immunity? Emil von Behring
Who worked close with Lady Mary Worley Montague with first vaccination of cow pox and cured small pox? Edward Jenner
Created by: manzanarescalla