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Microbiolgy Lecture

Lecture final (quizzes staph-vibro)

What is most associated with the genus Staphylococcus? Abscesses
A characteristic of Staphylococcus is? Salt tolerant
Which species of Staphylococcus is considered most virulent? Staphylococcus aureus
What do we call a hair follicle infected by Staphylococcus? Furuncle
what is a fairly reliable symptom that one has Staphylococcal food poisoning? onset within 3-4 hours
The term "strep" in Greek means? Twisted
The genus Streptococcus averages around _____ um in diameter. 1
Lancefield groups- Group A affects humans, Group B affects cattle; how many Lancefield groups are there? 5
When one thinks of Streptococcus, one thinks of? Toxins
What is a sequelae complication from a Streptococcus caused upper respiratory infection (URI)? Rheumatic fever
What is the disease that Oliver Wendall Holmes and Ignas Semmelweis both made recommendations concerning, which recommendations revolutionized medicine? Childbed Fever- Puerperal sepsis
Anthrax can appear in several different forms and can be contracted in several different ways. It is most usually a disease of the? Skin
Bacillus is a common soil organism. What are its oxygen requirements? Aerobic
Diseases that humans acquire from lower animals are called zoonoses. Which disease is associated with animal products? Anthrax
What is the most dangerous and contagious of the forms of Anthrax? Pulmonary
Which organism can be diagnosed using an anaerobic chamber? Clostridium
Which group of people would u think are most susceptible to tetanus? Children
Many organisms produce a gaseous waste product when they grow, this can sometimes be a problem when there is no way for the gas to escape because it causes swelling, which disrupts circulation. What organism causes this problem in the living tissue? Clostridium perfringens
What organism is a gram positive rod that produces spores? Bacillus subtulus and Clostridium botulinum
Which organism secretes a toxin that is a neurotoxin that causes rigid paralysis? Clostridium tetani
Which species of Clostridium is probably most difficult to diagnose? Clostridium botulinum
Which disease causes a black, bleeding scar on the skin called an "eschar"? Anthrax
Which organism can cause partial facial paralysis, giving rise to a characteristic facial expression or "mask"? Corynebacterium diptheria
Tuberculosis is an example of a communicable disease which, in the US is? epidemic
What gram positive rod is pleomorphic and club shaped? Corynebacterium
What organism is infectious due to aerial contamination? Mycobacterium, etc. (more than one of these)
Which organism can be diagnosed on Loefflers Medium which is high in potassium tellurite? Corynebacterium
Which organism may cause long lasting laten infections? Mycobacterium
What organism secretes a toxin that is actually a vascular stimulant that causes the body to grow more capillaries into the infected area? Corynebacterium
Which bacteria only actually makes us sick if it is in turn infected with a parasite? Corynebacterium
What genera is most resistant to antibiotics and other drug treatments? Mycobacterium
What organism is probably the most difficult to contract? Mycobacterium
What organism and infections can only be treated successfully by fluid and electrolyte replacement? Vibrio cholera
What is the causative agent of the disease known as bacillary dysentery? Shigella dysentariae
What are significant factors in determining whether or not an infection will develop in an exposed person? Number of invading organisms, portal of entry, defensive mechanisms of the host, virulence of invading organism
What do we call a toxic compound, produced by a bacterium, that is actually part of the organisms cell wall and is not toxic until the organism dies and the cell wall remnants are released? Endotoxin
Which organism was the reason that pet turtles were eventually banned for sale? Salmonella
What do we collectively call gram negative rods? Coliforms and enterobacteriacea
What is one major difference between food poisoning caused by Staphylococcus and Salmonella? One is an infection and the other is a poison
Which organism can invade the blood stream and cause disseminated disease? Salmonella
Which organism is associated with the condition known as tenesmus? Shigella
John Snow is famous as the father of epidemiology. What disease was he investigating? Vibrio
Who invented Pie Charts? Florance Nightingale
Created by: manzanarescalla