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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1011 - 1020

なに what Mr. T, can = what 亻可 = 何
に load; baggage; burden flowers, what = baggage ⺾何 = 荷
しゅん excellence; genius Mr. T, streetwalker = sagaciuous 亻夋 = 俊
傍ら かたわら side; edge; beside; besides; nearby Mr. T, stand up, crown, direction = bystander 亻立冖方 = 傍
久しぶり ひさしぶり a long time (since the last time) bound up, person = long time 勹人 = 久
畝る うねる to wind (of a road, etc.); to meander; to twist; top hat, field, long time = furrow 亠田久 = 畝
囚* しゅう arrest; captured; catch; criminal person, pent in = captured 人囗 = 囚
うち inside; we (referring to one's in-group); my spouse person, belt = inside 人冂 = 内
へい 3rd in rank; third sign of the Chinese calendar one, inside = third class 一内 = 丙
俊英 しゅんえい excellence; genius sagacious, England = excellence 俊英
囚人 しゅうじん prisoner captured, person = prisoner 囚人
傾げる かしげる to lean; to incline; to tilt; to slant change, page = lean 化頁 = 傾
Created by: keropin