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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1001 - 1010

ふ (metropolitan) prefecture (of Osaka and Kyoto); the center or seat (of); (government) office cave, adhere = borough 广付 = 府
任せる まかせる to entrust (a task) to another Mr. T, porter = responsibility 亻壬 = 任
賃* ちん charge; fare; fee; hire; rent; wages responsibility, shell = fare 任貝 = 賃
代える かえる to replace; to exchange; to substitute Mr. T, arrow = substitute 亻弋 = 代
ふくろ bag; sack; skin of an (orange) substitute, garment = sack 代衣 = 袋
貸す かす to lend; to rent out substitute, shell = lend 代貝 = 貸
化ける ばける to appear in disguise; to take the form of; to change for the worse; to corrupt Mr. T, spoon = change 亻匕 = 化
はな flower flowers, change = flowers ⺾化 = 花
貨* か freight; goods; property change, shell = freight 化貝 = 貨
府県 ふけん prefecture borough/municipality, prefecture = prefecture 府県
賃金 ちんぎん wages fare, gold = wages 賃金
貨車 かしゃ freight car; van freight, car = freight car; van 貨車
符号 ふごう sign; mark; symbol; code token, nickname = sign; mark; symbol; code 符号
符* ふ charm; mark; sign; tally; token bamboo, adhere = token ⺮付 = 符
Created by: keropin