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rhetorical terms


hyperbole exaggeration for emphasis
hendiadys use of 2 words connected by a conjungtion
euphemism substitution of an agreeable or at least non offensive expression
hysteron-proteron inversion of the natural sequence of events
irony expression of something which is contrary to intended meaning
litotes understatement, for intensification, by denying the contrary of the thing being affirmed
metaphor comparison
metonymy substitution of one word for another which it suggests
nosism the royal WE
onomatopeia use of words to imitate natural sounds
oxymoron apparent paradox achieved by the juxtaposition of words which seem to contradict one another
pleonasm use of superfluous words, redundant
polysyndeton repeating conjunctions in a series of words
preterition saying something by stating you won't mention it
similie comparison using like or as
rhetorical question asked to lead/persuade someone
syllepsis use of word w/ 2 others, which each of which is understood differently
symmetry balanced
synedoche use of part of object to represent whole
tmesis seperation of compound word by inverting another word
triad group of 3
zeugma 2 different words lined to a verb or an adj which is strictly appropriate to only one of them
alliteration serious of words starting with the same letter
anadiplosis double back words, at the end of clause used in the next begginning
anaphora repeating a word for emphasis at the beginning of continued phrases
anastrophe catastrophe of normal word order
antistrophe repitition of same word or phrase at the end of a successive clause
aporia expression of doubt by which a speaker appears uncertain
aposiopesis form of ellipse by which a speaker comes to aburpt halt
asyndeton lack of conjunctions between coordinate phrases
chiasmus 2 corresponding pairs arranged not in parallels but in inverted order
climax arrangement of words for ascending power
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