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What are the remains of once-living things that have been preserved? Fossils
What is an imprint left by a plant or animal? Mold
What are fossils that show how long-dead animals changed their environment? Trace Fossils
What is formed when minerals fill a mold and have the same shape as the original living thing? Cast
What is any fuel that formed from the remains of once-living organisms? Fossil Fuel
What is fuel that is mainly used in transportation? Petroleum
What type of coal most often is used in factories? Bituminous coal
What is the type of coal that produces very little heat? Lignite
What early form of coal is made up of dead swamp plants? Peat
What is a valuable form of coal that produces a lot of heat and very little smoke? Anthracite
What gas fuel is used for cooking and heating? Natural Gas
What type of fossil would a tree buried in a mineral hot spring form? Petrified Fossil
Give an example of a trace fossil. Footprint, burrows, droppings
Which part of an animal would most likely form a fossil? Bones
By studying what type of fossil can scientists tell what an animal might have eaten? Droppings
What forms when the remains of a dead plant or animal are washed out of rock by water? Mold
What is the thin covering that is left behind when heat and pressure destroy the buried remains? Carbon film
What type of fossil is formed when minerals take the place of once-living materials? Petrified
What type of coal contains the most carbon and burns the hottest? Antracite
What are the three fossil fuels. Petroleum, Natural Gas, Coal
What type of coal is a dark yellow, crumbly material that is made up dead swamp plants? Peat
What type of coal is sometimes called brown coal that is not good as a fuel? Lignite
What type of coal is the most useful but can cause air pollution? Bituminous
What type of coal is hard, black coal that burns with little smoke or ash. Anthracite
Created by: jill.wehlander