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有朋自远方来 a friend from afar
远方 faraway place
入乡随俗 When in Rome, do as the Romans do (respecting and conforming to local cultures)
学期 semester
交换 exchange
打招呼 to greet
无所不谈 to talk freely
各地 every region
印象 impression
友善 friendly
空气 air
新鲜 fresh
气候 climate
宜人 pleasant
交通 commute, traffic
to allow; to yield
行人 pedestrian
deep, dark
风景 scenery
十分 extremely
优美 beautiful
名胜 famous spot
古迹 ancient site
小吃 snack
世界 world
体验 to experience
不同 different
风土人情 local customs and traditions
各种 various kinds
习惯 to get used to
西方 the West
以前 in the past, before
旅行团 travel group
多半 mostly
机会 opportunity
普通话 Mandarin
随便 easy-going
Created by: mma129
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