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inward focused emotions, nursing

Direct self destructive behavior Threat, gesture, attempt, or SH
Indirect self destructive behavior Any action that may result in harm to the well being of an individual, like drug abuse or other risky behavior
Risk factors of suicide Male Adolescents Native American Co morbid mental disorder Feelings of hopelessness, powerless, loneliness, and isolation.
Assessment of suicide Subjective- verbal cues. Either overt or covert Objective- SH, isolation Ask follow up questions
Evaluation of "the plan": Does the pt have access to supplies Affect sudden mood change. .HIGH ALERT Energy Level the pt may have decided to follow through
Nursing Precautions 1:1 15 minute checks Remove all potential dangers Pocketing Suicide contact
Reactions of others Survivors guilt Isolation Stigma Children
Goals of tx Decrease anxiety Remain free from harm
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