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Health & Safety 1

Preventative Measures

Exercise Environment Must be safe and obstical free, adjust intensity for high temp. and humidity levels
The PAR-Q Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire has been designed to indenfity the small # of adults for whom physical activity might be inappropriate or those requiring medical advice
If it Hurts, Don't Do It! What is safe for one person may be dangerous for another. If there is any pain involved, the activity should be discontinued.
Body Alignment Incorrectly executed exercises have potential to be harmful. Teach and monitor correct techniques
Target Heart Rate Zone Should explain and constantly reinforce monitoring intensity by rate of perceived exertion and pulse taking during cardio.
Proper Landing Techniques Should instruct how to absorb shock with their whole foot rather than just toes. During stationary exercises, should land on balls of feet and then come down on whole foot to absorb shock
Breathing Always Breath! Holding breath can increase pressure around heart, resulting in increased blood pressure.
Stretching Use safe stretching techniques that work the joints and muscles through the full, safe range of motion.
Safe Number of Reps Vary activities to avoid excessive reps and overuse injuries
Overexertion Be aware of signs: Pale or clammy, headaches fainting blueing, nausea, excesive breathlessness
Heart Attack Signals be aware of heart attack signals
Created by: LisaSceviour