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3.08 Vocab

Frequency the number of times you wish to expose a targeted audience to your advertisements
Reach the number of people in a targeted audience exposed to an ad or campaign at least one time during a designated time period.
Reach Calculation % found by dividing the target audience exposed to an ad by the total target audience
Broad reach is effective for consumer convenience goods like toothpaste (simple features)
Effective reach number or percent of consumers in a targeted audience exposed to an ad a specific minimum number of times
Circulation the size of the audience in the media most significant factor of media costs
Preferred location of ad -time of ad (day, night, drive time) -position of ads in print and broadcast media - what shows
Editorial climate credibility and prestige
aAbsoloute cost the total expenditure for an ad
(CPM) based on cost per thousand -often used in print media and internet
(CPRP) based on cost per rating point -often used in broadcast media and outdoor
(GRP) based on gross rating points across a media platform
Extensive coverage Reaching a large audience and exposing them at least once to your advertisement
Intensive coverage eaching a smaller audience more often to drive home the message
Continuous strategy ads on a regular basis
Flighting strategy Intermittent scheduling
Pulsing strategy combination, low then high
Primary Circulation Primary circulation entails global circulation - the mass movement of air all over ... Secondary circulation consists of the migration of high and low pressure cells.
Secondary Circulation    secondary circulation The number of people who read a publication but do not actually purchase it ("pass along" readers).
Position    position (preferred The location of an advertisement on a page; the time when a program or commercial announcement will run in a broadcast; special positions may cost premium prices.
Zoning dividing an area into zones or sections reserved for different purposessuch as residence and business and manufacturing etc.
Flat rates    flat rates everyone gets the same, usually through collective bargaining
Sliding-scale rates Which of the following decreases the costs to a business of using newspaper advertising
Combination rates
Delivered Circulation the rate base is the circulation figure on which the publisher bases rates. The
Guaranteed Circulation The number of copies of a magazine that the publisher expects to sell. If this figure is not reached, the publisher must give a refund to advertisers.
Bleed pages Magazine advertisements where the printed area extends to the edge of the page, elimiating any white margin or porder around the ad
Gatefolds An oversize magazine page or cover that is extended and folded over to fit into the publication. Gatefolds are used to extend the size of a magazine advertisement and are always sold at a premium
Spreads Two pages in a layout that face each other; a left page and a right page in a multi-page document, as in an open magazine, book, or newspaper
Rating act of ascertaining or fixing the value or worth of
Gross-rating points Reach X Frequency
run-of-schedule air time Airing time of a commercial on a radio or TV left to the discretion of the station. Its broadcast at a specific moment (time slot) or during a particular program usually requires payment of a premium. In print media, it is called run of press.
Cost-Per thousand (CPM) The media cost of exposing 1,000 readers or viewers to an advertising impression
Cost-per gross rating point (CPRP) Measurement used in planning a television media buy based on the cost of a commercial time slot and the rating of the program where the time slot is positioned.
Movable Billboard 3.08 Which of the following media vehicles might a sport/event marketer choose to promote a celebrity baseball game to many people throughout a metropolitan area:
Advertising package all advertisements proposed to be exhibited on, or in relation to, a large development
Visibility capability of providing a clear unobstructed view
Volume Discount a lower price for making a large purchase.
Circulation the spread or transmission of something (as news or money) to a wider group or area
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