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Figures of speech ex

Figures of speech, examples

Simile EX. As busy as a bee.
Metaphor EX. Time is a thief.
Idiom EX. A day late, a dollar short.
Personification EX. Stars danced around playfully in the moonlit sky.
Alliteration EX. Alice's aunt ate apples around August.
Onomatopoeia EX. Words related to water: splash, drizzle, drop.
Hyperbole EX. It was so cold I saw a polar bear wearing a jacket.
Anaphora EX. We laughed, we loved, we sang.
Assonance EX. Uncertain rustling of each purple curtain.
Irony EX. The Titanic was said to be unsinkable.
Oxymoron EX. Jumbo shrimp.
Euphemism EX. In the use of words like toilet for lavatory and die for pass away.
Pun EX. I would tell you a joke about pizza but its too cheesy.
Paradox EX. This statement is false.
Understatement EX. I have this operation. it isn't very serious, i have a small tumor in my brain.
Chiasmus EX. You forget what you want to remember, but remember what you forget.
Antithesis EX. Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing.
Created by: _briannab44_