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citizen science projects in which trained volunteers work with scientific researchers to answer real world questions
conspicuous consumption a term coined by economist and social critic Thorstein Veblen to describe buying things we don't want or need to impress others
cultural creatives
environmental literacy
life-cycle analysis evaluation of material and energy inputs and outputs at each stage of maufacture, use, and disposal of a product
NGO's (nongovernmental organizations) a term referring collectively to pressure and research groups, advisory agenceis, polit parties, professional societies, and other groups concerned about environmental quality, resource use, and many other issues
SEAC (student environmental action coalition) a student-based enviro org that is both an umbrella org and a grassroots network to facilitate enviro action and education on college campuses
sustainable development a real increase in well-being and standard of life for the avg person taht can be maintained over the ong-term withoug degrading the enviro or compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
sustainability living within the bounds of nature vased on renewable resoruces used in ways that don't deplete nonrenewable resources, harm essential eco services, or limit the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
millenium assessment a set of ambitious environ and human development goals established by the UN in 2000
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