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Chapter 11

Legislation: Client's Rights and Your Rights

Tort is a wrongful act committed by an individual against another person or the person's property
Human right acts basic rights Age discrimination, disability, employment, gender, housing, pregnancy, racism, sexual harassment, sexual orientation, religious rights
Ontario Resident's bill of rights be protected from abuse, properly sheltered, fed, clothed, groomed, and cared for, live safe and clean environment
Resident's bill of rights to be treated with dignity and respect, making decisions about their care, knowing who is helping them, information, no abuse, and privacy
The right to Autonomy Negligence, Assault and battery, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy, defamation of character
Assault internationally attempting or threating to touch a client
Battery actual touching of the clients body without consent
Provincial and territorial human rights codes promote equal treatment with respect to age, gender, and ethnicity
which of the following is an example of treating a client with respect and dignity Being careful with the clients personal possessions
which of the following is required to help a client give information consent information about the likely consequences of not having the treatment
who decides on the kind of reaction activities for a long- term care resident the client
if a client complains to you about the home care agency's policy, you should inform your supervisor about the complaint
the intentional attempt or threat to touch a person's body without consent is Assault
The illegal restraint of a person's movement is False Imprisonment
Mr. Mohammed's photograph is made public on the internet without this consent. this is invasion of privacy
informed consent is obtained by the registered staff
the basic rules about wages, work hours, and vacation days are covered in employment standards legislation
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