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NASA science

Stack #2

what was the first manned flight afteraccident after apolo 1 apolo7
all manned apolo flights had a crew of______ 3 men
a unit (one) used for a specific purpose, usually connected to other units or modules ; a detachable section with a special function module
lunar moon
apolo design consisted of 3 parts: cm - command modulesm - service modulelm - lunar module
there was no crew until ________ apolo 7
the capsule was ____________________ for flaws redisigned and tested
apolo 1 crew was ___________ edward, gus grissom, roger chaffee
what killed all three men sitting on the launch pad a fire
star sailor astronaut
apollo projectwhat was the purpose to go put a man on the moon (john f kennedys dream)
first space craft in mercury +gemini programs were called ______________ why capsule because they were so small the astronauts could barely fit in them
star astro
who almost got killed _______________what saved his life neil armstrong a ballpoint pen
gemini 12who was the pilot buzz
gemini projectpilot was _____________________flight almost lasted _________ gus grissom5 hours
gemini projecthow many pilots 8 pilots
gemini projectwhat was the purpose orbit earth, test new equipment, test weightlessness, rendezvousing and dock with other vehicles
when did the gemini projct start and endhow many flightshow long 1965 - 196610 flights20 months
the first 7 astronaughts alan shepard, gud grissom, cooper, schirra, slayton, glenn, carpentor
at the end of the mercury project, president john f kennedyannounced the goal _________ of yhe space program to put a man on the moon
air and water are both _________ fluids
________ have the ability to flow fluids
what is the purpose of the mercury project orbit a manned spacecraft, investigate man's ability to function in space craft, recover man and spacecraft 6 manned flightswre planned from 1961 - 1963
what is the purpose of gemini project orbit earth, test new equipment, test weightlessness, rendezvousing and docking with other vehicles
what is the purpose of the apollo project to go put a man on the moon
why was the 7 on all mercury spacecrafts it stands for the first 7 astronauts
name shepard and glenns spacecraft freedom7 friendship7
why were the first spacecrafts called capsules they were so small the astronauts could barely fit
mercury was a ____________ god and was called the _________ roman messenger or traveler
who was first in space alan shepard