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Chapter 1

The Role of the Support Worker

Person receiving care in a hospital is called Patient
Person living in a residential facility Resident
Person receiving care in community Client
D.I.P.P.S Dignity, Independence, Preferences, Privacy, and Safety
Activities of daily living (ADLs) are Self-care activities that people perform daily to remain independent and to function in society
The main focus of the health care team is to Provide quality care for the client
Support workers are Unregulated care providers
Scope of practice means The legal limits of your role
Professionalism is An approach to work that demonstrates respect for others, commitment, competence, and appropriate behaviour
Which of the following is true You must follow your employer's dress code policies
In a long- term care facility, the client's information should be shared among Health care team members involved in the client's care
Compassion means Caring about another's misfortune and stuffing
When solving problems, you should Not involve the client to prevent causing more problems
Regulated workers Profession is self-governing
Unregulated workers Unprofessional is not self-governing
Caring Having concern for the D.I.P.P.S of clients and their families at all times
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