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AH- CH 35

Adult Health I

____ produces the most rapid absorption of meds injections
___ pass thru the gastric mucosa rapily acidic meds
6 names for liquid meds elixar, extract, aqueous solution, aqueous suspension, syrup, tincture
a troche (lozenge) is ___ tablet that dissolves in mouth to release med--not meant for ingestion
aerosol is ___ aqueous solution sprayed--not meant for ingestion
liniment is ___ applied to skin and contains alcohol, oil, or soapy emollient
expected effect of med therapeutic effect
unintended, secondary effect side effect
severe response to med adverse effect
may develop after prolonged intake of med or when a med accumulates in blood toxic effect
unpredictable effects...reaction different then normal idiosyncratic reaction
life-threating anaphylactic reactions
order carried out until prescriber cancels it by another order ot until a prescribed number of days elapse standing order
med given to pt only when needed/wanted prn order
med given only once at a specified time single one time order
med given immediatly STAT order
med given as quickly as possible NOW order
meds outside of hospitial and directions are given prescription
what are the 6 rights of med admin? right med, right dose, right pt, right route, right time, and right documentation
what are 7 rights of a pt recieving meds? right to be informed, right to refuse med, right to have qualified nurse, right to be informed of experimental nature of med, right to recieve appropriate supportive therapy, right to not recieve unnescessary med, right to receive labeled med
easiest and most common route of med oral
medication in a skin patch and absorbed thru skin transdermal
O.D. right eye
O.S. left eye
O.U. both eyes
when admin med in eye dropper should be held __ 1/2-3/4 inch above conjuctiva sac
when admin med in ear dropper should be held ___ 1/2 inc above ear canal
when admin med in nose dropper should be held ___ 1 inch above nares
when admin medss through inhalation pt should inhale med deeply for ____ sed then hold breath for ____ sec 3-5 sec........5-10 sec
how long should pt wait in between puffs of med 1-2 min
do not shake ____ inhalers dry powder
shake ___ inhalers 5-6 times metered dose
pt should not blow nose for ___ min after admin and stay in ___ position 5 min...surpine
for retum admin pt should be in ___ position left sims
inject in dermal just under epidermis intradermal injections
ex of intradermal admin TB skin test
what degree should intradermal injection be given 5-15 degree angle and NO massage with 26-27 gauge needle
injection into tissue subcutaneous injection
ex of subq injection insulin or heparin
what degree should subq injections be given 90 degrees if you can pull skin up 2 inches if not give at 45 degree angle
what size needle used for subq injections 3/8 - 5/8 in....25-27 gauge...insulin 26-31 gauge
injection into muscle intramuscular injection
best sites for subq are... outer posterior aspects of upper arms, abd from below costal margins to the iliac crests, anterior aspects of thighs
most frequent site for heperin injections abdomen
alternative sites for subq injections scapular areas and dorsal glutal areas
used for irritating meds intramuscular injections
intramuscular med can be ___ max in one syringe 3 mL
what size needle for intramuscular injections? 18-27 gauge (average 25)....1-3 inches long
what should you do before injecting med for intramuscular injections aspirate to check for blood
what method is used for intramuscular injections? why? z-track prevent med from leaking into sub tissue
what are intramuscular sites? vastus lateralis, ventrogluteal, deltoid
what degree do you insert intramuscular injections? 90 degrees
what size needle used for pt 200-250 lbs 2 inches
what size needle used for pt 250-300 lbs 2 1/5 inches
what size needle used for pt 300 or more lbs 3 inches
what size needle used for pt 150-200 lbs 1 1/5 inches
what size needle used for pt under 150 lbs 1 inch
how many inches to clean injection site 2 inches
how long do you leave needle in after intramuscular injection? 2-10 seconds
smaller the gauge ____ the diameter larger
what 2 insulins CANNOT be mixed lantus and levemir
regular insulin is the only insulin for ___ intravenous use
what is the most effective position for breating 45 degree semi-fowler's position
Created by: TayBay15
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