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What is not a part of 4 P’s of marketing? Profit
2.What is wrong with explanations about target market and segmentation? Behavioral - behaviour, preference
What is missing in the chain collecting data?Defining problem – obtain data - ... – recommend solution - ... •Understand data; share results Analyse information; apply results
What is price of the T-shirt for $10 with PPI of 20%? $12
Why government tries to protect competition from monopoly? •Exclusive control product •Can hurt consumers with higher price •Heavily regulators •All of the above All of the above
What is right order having economy for most countries nowadays? 1.Mixed economy 2.Planned economy 3. Market economy •2, 1, 3 •3, 2, 1 •2, 3, 1 •one economy was missed 3, 2, 1
A. Primary data is more reliable B. Secondary data is easier to obtain •Just A is correct •Just B is correct •A and B are both correct •Neither A or B is correct A and B are both correct
Nick is going to invest $100,000. He cannot decide what business to invest. “Concierge” has offer 8% ROI for 10 years; “BounTee” needs investment with 11% ROI for 4 years; “Aquaponics” with ROI 15% for 5 years. With what deal Nick will have more money? "Concierge"
What is method to collect primary data? Focus group
What is missing in the steps to pricing? Determine objective – study costs - ... – study competition – decide on pricing strategy - ... Estimate demand; set price
What is the last step in new product development? Launch
What is not part of visual merchandising? Store back
What is not part of branding? Brand name
What is example of direct distribution? Producer t oconsumer
What is an example of Public relations? E.R.
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