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pg 11, 12, 13,15,17

how do whales communicate use a variety of signals; from click and chirps to blubbles and songs
what are some reasons why whales would need to communicate 1.detecting danger2. mother calls baby3. mating4. defend territory
a way of locating objects by sending out sound waves echolocation
layer of fat which allow survival in cold habitats blubber
grooves in the skin on the underside of some whales allowing the whale body to expand as it feeds ventral pleats
when a whale jump almost completely out of the water breach
a fin on the back of sea creature dorsal fin
the flat part at the end of whales tails fluke
is when a whale slaps it's tail against that water lobtail
a specially adapted nastril that is now on the whales heads blowhole
the way you act in your environment behavior
what were the goals of the crew's mission? Hint Anne reminded them oberving humpback whale behavior identifying individal humpback and counting them3. studing their environment 4. taking water temperatures and depth measurements
where do dumpbacks spend their winter and what do they do there they travel to caribean sea to mate and have babies
how can you tell humpback whale from another by their fluke pattern
describe 2 whale behaviors that you have just learned about we learned about lobtail and breach
whales with teeth. they use echolocation to find their prey. odontoceted
whales with baleen; this include humpback, Grays and Right whales. Baleen filters krill, a shrimp like animal and other small fish out of the water mysticetes
a material that grows on the upper jaws of some whales baleen
tough wart like growths on the heads of Right whales callosites
threat end; in danger of becoming extinct endangered
the process of dying out, creasing to exist extinction
a # of organisms that are dependent another for their food needs food chain
a herd or group of whales or other animals pod
specific catagory used to classific organisms that have thig=ngs in common species
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