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IB Shopping

信用卡 credit card
刷卡 to use a credit card
讨价还价 bargaining
拍卖 sale
打折 on discount
减价 to reduce price
买一送一 buy one get one free
便宜一点 to reduce the price a little
太贵了 too expensive
环境 environment
包装 package
袋子 bag
塑胶袋 plastic bag
纸袋 paper bag
零钱 change
找钱 to get change
元/块 dollar (RMB)
角/毛 ten cents
便宜 cheap
现金 cash
支票 cheque/check
to have
没有 not have
网上购物 shopping on internet
to buy
to sell
安全 safe
方便 convenient
商店 shop
百货商店/公司 department store
购物中心/商场 shopping mall
一楼 first floor
电梯 lift; escalators
地下层 basement
服饰/服装 clothing
玩具 toy
饮食/餐饮 food
服务台 reception; information desk
试衣室/间 fitting room
试穿 to try on
书店 bookstore
肉店 meat store
鱼店 fish store
超级市场 supermarket
服饰店 boutique
营业时间 opening times
收银处 cashier
柜台 counter
售货员 sale assistant
袋子 bag
顾客 customer
排队 to queue
to buy
to sell
退(货)to return
to exchange
发票/收据 receipt
Created by: MELaz
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