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BIO 621

Midterm: 15.1

Gonadotrophic hormones hormones that affect gonads: testes and ovaries. Ex. FSH LH
What cells are found in testes Leydig cells and sertoli cells
What is spermatogenesis production of sperm in semiferous tubules of the testes; stimulated by FSH
46 diploid number of chromosomes
23 haploid number of chromosomes.
What makes up the head of the sperm acrosomal cap and nucleus
What makes up the middle piece of the sperm mitochondria
what makes up the flagellum axial filament and tail
What is semen seminal fluid and sperm
What are contributors to seminal fluid prostate gland, cowpers gland and seminal vesicles
Prostate reduces acidity in birth canal
seminal vesicles fructose for energy and stimulates muscle contraction in female to propel sperm
cowpers gland mucus rich fluid, protection, reduces friction
follicule cluster of cells containing an oogonium (primordial egg cell) and is found in the ovary
Name the four phases of menstruation flow phase, follicular phase, ovulation phase and luteal phase
Created by: brittanyoregan