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ETMC other Drugs

ETMC other Drugs #2

What is the generic name of the drug with the trade name Humulin, Novolin or Iletin. Insulin
The dosage of Glucagon is? 1.0mg IM (hypoglycemia1.0mg slow IV (cardiac arrest and beta blocker OD)
The dosage of Dextrose is? 25g IVP (50cc)
You give this at 100mg IVP for coma of unknown origin especially with alcoholics. Thiamin
The drug given prior to D50W is? Thiamin
True? False? Glucagon is always effective no matter what. False. Glucagon is only effective if there are sufficient stores of glycogen in the liver.
Smooth muscle relaxant, which reduces tremore, induces amnesia and reduces the recurrence of seizures Diazepam (Valium)
Dosage of Valium for seizures. 5mg IVP repeat @ 5mg IVP if seizures persist.
Dosage of Valium for sedation. 2-5mg IVP
Valium dosage for Cocaine/Meth induced chest pain. 5mg IV as needed (max 10mg)
Trade name for Midozolam? Versed
Versed dosage for seizures. 2.5-5mg IV or 5mg IM (max 10mg)
What is the trade names for Dexamethasone? Decadron, Hexadrol
Dexamethasone is used for? Cerebral edema and Anaphylaxis, asthma and exacerbation of COPD
Trade name for Mannitol? Osmotrol
Indication for Osmotrol? Acute cerebral edema. Blood transfusion reactions
Give this drug at 80-125mg IV or IM for Severe anaphylaxis? Methylprednisolone
Trade name for Lorazepam? Ativan
Indications for this drug include major motor seizures, status epilepticus, and pre medication before cardioverson. Lorazepam
Trade name for Phenytoin? Dilantin
Generic name for Cerebryx? Fosphenytoin
Generic name for Luminal? Phenobarbital
Uterine stimulant used for post partum hemorrhage? Oxytocin (Pitocin)
Dosage of Oxytocin (Pitocin) 3-10 units IM following delivery of placenta
Drug used for eclamptic patient? Magnesium Sulfate.
Dosage of Mag Sulfate for eclampsia? 2g IV bolus over 5 min (infusion)
You should have what on hand incase of Mag Sulfate OD? Calcium Chloride
This drug is a sympathetic agonist and tocolytic. Terbutaline (Brethine)
Trade name for Naloxone? Narcan
Dosage of Atropine for organophosphate poisoning? 2mg IVP every 15 minutes until symptons subside or as directed by med control.
First drug given in teh Cyanide poisoning kit? Amyl Nitrate
Generic name for Benadryl? Diphenhydramine
Dosage for Benadryl for severe reactions? 50mg IVP
Dosage of Benadryl for mild to moderate reactions? 25-50mg IV or IM
Dose of Epi 1:1000 for allergic reaction/asthma? 0.3mg SQ/IM
Dose of Epi 1:1000 for anaphylaxis 0.25mg IV over 10 minutes
Drug given to reverse benzodiazepene's? Flumazenil (Anexate, Romazicon)
Created by: Joemedic