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Chapter 14

Body Structure and Function

The basic unit of body structure is the Cell
The outer layer of skin is called the Epidermis
Which parts allow body movement Joints
Skeletal muscles Appear striped under a microscope
The highest function of the brain take place in the Cerebral cortex
Besides hearing, the ear is involved in Balance
The liquid part of blood is Plasma
Which part of the heart pumps blood to the body Left ventricle
Which of the following carry blood away from the heart Arteries
Oxygen and Cardon dioxide are exchanged Between alveoli and capillaries
The process of digestion begins in the Mouth
Most nutrient absorption takes place in the Small intestine
Urine is formed by the Kidneys
The male sex gland is called the Testis
The endocrine glands secrete substances called Hormones
The immune system protects the body from Disease and Infections
Superior Upper part of the body
Inferior Lower part of the body
Anterior Front surface of the body
Posterior Back surface of the body
Midline Divides the body in half
Medial Closet to the midline of the body
Lateral Farthest from the midline of the body
Proximal Nearest from the trunk
Distal Farthest from the trunk
Superficial Near the surface of the body
Deep Farther into the body
Peripheral Away from the centre of the body
Four types of tissues Epithelial Cells, Connective tissue, Muscle tissue, and Nerve
Three functions of the integumentary system Protective covering of the body, nerve endings in skin sense both pleasant and unpleasant stimulation, and skin helps regulate body temperature.
How many bones are in the Human Body 206
Four types of bones Long bones, Short bones, Flat bones, and irregular bones
Three types of Joints Ball-and-socket joint, Hinge joint, and pivot joint
Muscles perform three important body functions Movement of body parts, Maintenance of posture, and production of body heat
First line of defence in the immune system Mechanical barriers, Inflammation, Fever
signs something we see
Symptoms something that happens
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