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Weighty Word Book


abasement To have the lowest rank.
biforcate To split in half.
coruscate For something to glimmer or sparkle
dogmatic For someone to stubbornly refuse to change their opinion
expiedent To take the easy or fast way.
felicity For someone to have great happiness.
geriatrics When a doctor specializes in the care of elderly people.
heresy When someone introduces an unwelcome change into a religion
ingratiate When someone try's really hard to please someone.
juxtapose When someone or something is right next to eachother
kleptomaniac When someone Has an uncontrollable urge to steal.
laxcity When someone is forgetful and careless.
misdemeanor To commit a small crime.
nonconformity Whenever someone is out of of step with others or out of line with others ideas.
ostricize To exclude.
paradox When something is impossible but turns out to be true
quixotic To be foolish.
raucous To be loud or rude.
scintillate To glitter or sparkle.
trucelent Whenever someone is fierce, cruel, or savage.
ubiqitous To be everywhere.
Vacillate To jump from side to side.
winsome Whenever someone is charming, attractive, or bright
xenophobia The fear of foreighners
yammer To talk nonstop
zealot Whenever someone thinks a product is the best in the world.
Created by: jw8011