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weighty words

weighty word book words book

aggrandizement to make yourself look better than you actually are
burdensome when something is very heavy
criterion the things your supposed to do for something
destination the place you trying to get to
exonerate to be blamed for doing something but later found innocent
furbelow a decoration on clothing
geniality when someone shows kindness
hibernate to deep sleep through the winter
improbable unlikely
jeremiad to tell a sad story
katzenjammer when something is funny, noisy and confusing
lackadaisical when somebody has little energy
mystify when someone acts mysterious
nadir when you reach the bottom
optimom the best quality for something
partisan to pick someone's side
querist to ask tons of qustions
rusticate to live or stay in the country land
syruptitious to do something secretly
tirade to scold someone angrily
utilize use something for not what its used for
vacarious to learn from someones expirience
wonderous something wonderful
xerophyte a plant that can survive with very little water
yokefellow a companion
zany crazy
Created by: DV3079