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weighty word book

aggrandizment to make yourself look better than you really are.
burdensome A pile or load that is hard to or impossible to carry.
Criterion A standard or rule or test is used to judge something.
Destination A place you are going to.
Exonerate when someone is accused to a crime and fond innocent.
furbelow A decoration is on a person.
Geniality When someone shows a cheerfulness and kindness
Improbable When it is highly unlikely for something to happen.
Jermaid To tell a sad story.
Katzenjammer When something is funny,noisy,and confusing.
Lackadaisical When someone has little energy or is lacking.
Mystify When something mysteriously happens.
Nadir When you reach the bottom of something.
Optimum The best qaulity.
Partisan To pick someone's side.
Querist To ask lot of questions.
Rusticate To spend time in the country.
Surreptitious To do something secretly.
Tirade When someone angrily scolds.
Utilize Use something for not it is used for.
Vicarious To learn something someone else experienced it.
Wonderous something is amazing, surprising happens.
Xerophyte A dessert plant.
Yokefellow A companion.
Zany Being crazy.
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