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Kozier Chp 42, 43

loss, grieving, &death, Stress and coping

Loss actual or potential situation in which something that is valued is changed, no longer available
Grief emotional response to the loss, total response to emotional experience
Death a fundamental loss.
Bereavement surviving the loss
Mourning a behavioral process
Stress a condition in which the person experience changes in the normal balanced state
Stressor any event or stimulus that cause an individual to experience stress.
Coping Mechanism an innate act or acquired way of responding to a changing environment or specific problem or situation
Internal Stressor originate within a person
External Stressors originate outside the individual-I.e. move to another city
Developmental stressor Occur at predictable times throughout an individual life
Situational stressor are unpredictable and may occur at any time during life
Anxiety state of mental uneasiness, apprehension, dread, or foreboding of a feeling of helpessness r/t to an impending or anticipated unidentified threat to self or significant relationships
Fear an emotion or feeling of apprehension aroused by impending or seeming danger, pain, or another perceived threat
Anger is emotional state consisting of a subjective feeling of animosity or strong displease
Depression an extreme feeling of sadness, despair, dejection, lack of worth, or emptiness, affects millions of Americans a year.
Ego Defense Mechanisms are unconscious psychological adaptive mechanisms or, according to Anna Freud, mental mechanisms that develop as the personality attempts to defend itself, establish compromises among conflicting impulses, and calm inner tensions
Created by: moxleyjulene
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