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Exam #4 - Family Violence, Sexual Abuse, Forensic Nursing

How is sexual violence defined? Any sexual content without consent
How is emotional violence defined? Minimizing a person's self-worth
How is neglect defined? Not providing for basic needs
How is economic violence defined? Failing to provide for the needs of someone when the funds are available
When is the greatest risk for intimate partner violence? When the woman is trying to leave the relationship
What are attributions? A reasoning process that people use to explain events; their interpretation of why the abuse occurred
What is the motivation behind sexual assault? Desire to humiliate, defile and dominate another
What is gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB)? Liquid ecstasy; metabolite of GABA; makes person compliant; the "date rape" drug
What is Flunitrazepam (Rohypnol)? An illegal benzodiazepine that causes sedation and amnesia
What is ketamine? An anesthetic that creates a dissociative type reaction with deep amnesia and complete compilance
What is important to convey in the initial phase of rape-trauma syndrome? I believe you
During the acute phase of rape-trauma syndrome, what two reactions may occur? Initial emotional reaction and a somatic reaction
What occurs in the initial emotional reaction of the acute phase of rape-trauma syndrome? Emotional outbursts (laughing, crying, anger) or a controlled manner (calm, numb, confused)
What occurs in the somatic reaction of the acute phase of rape-trauma syndrome? Physical signs like bruising, soreness, muscle tension, HA, GI symptoms
What signs/symptoms might be present in the long-term reorganization phase of rape-trauma syndrome? Anxiety, paranoia, hypervigilence, anger, flashbacks, wanting to move away, crying, mood swings, low self-esteem
What is a compound reaction? Person turns to drugs or alcohol or see a re-emergence of symptoms of a disorder that was previously under control
What are some examples of primary prevention strategies to reduce violence and sexual assault? Change societal acceptance of violence, education, increase social support, increase self-esteem, provide anticipatory guidance
What are some examples of secondary prevention strategies to reduce violence and sexual assault? Screening for risk factors, create a safety plan, early identification and intervention
What are some examples of tertiary prevention strategies to deal with violence and sexual assault? Stop current abuse and prevent recurrence, mandatory reporting, healing and rehabilitation
This is the application of nursing science to public or legal proceedings Forensic nursing
What actions are central to the role of a SANE? Collection, documentation and preservation of evidence
Where does a psychiatric forensic nurse most often practice their trade? Prison settings
How is violence defined? A social act involving abuse of power
What are some nursing interventions for survivors of violence/sexual assault? Report SUSPECTED abuse of children or elders, treat injuries first, prophylactic treatment for STDs/pregnancy, document, provide information about community resources, referrals (SANE, psychotherapy)
What does tertiary prevention regarding violence/sexual assault focus on? Survivor's long-term needs to remain safe
Secondary prevention with regards to violence/sexual assault is synonymous with what? Treatment
Created by: ssbourbon