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Exam #4 - Impulse Contol/Sexuality

What is oppositional defiant disorder? Chris Barr
How is mild oppositional defiant disorder defined? Symptoms confined to one setting
How is moderate oppositional defiant disorder defined? Symptoms present in at least 2 settings
How is severe oppositional defiant disorder defined? Symptoms present in 3 or more settings
What two components are a part of oppositional defiant disorder? Behavioral and emotional components
What impairment is a part of conduct disorder? Impairment of behavior
What is the persistent pattern of conduct disorder? At least 1 criterion present for 6 months or more that violate others' rights or societal norms
What are the five criteria of conduct disorder? Aggressive behavior, fighting (use of weapons, cruelty to people/animals), destruction of property, stealing and lying, violation of rules
What is the pattern for intermittent explosive disorder? Pattern of outbursts and inability to control aggressive impulses
How is intermittent explosive disorder triggered? Really minor events
What is the sequence of events in intermittent explosive disorder? Tension --> aggression --> release --> remorse
What are the neurobiological differences in people with intermittent explosive disorder? Disregulation of serotonin and higher levels of testosterone
What is the genetic-based etiology of oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder? Reduced gray matter in the brain that is responsible for impulse control
What medications are used to treat oppositional defiant disorder? Not generally indicated; need a good swift kick in the ass
What medications are used for intermittent explosive disorder? SSRIs, mood stabilizers like lithium and anticonvulsants, and antipsychotics
Why aren't antianxiety medications like benzodiazepines used to treat intermittent explosive disorder? Because they decrease disinhibitions
What medications are used to treat conduct disorder? Antipsychotics, antidepressants, mood stabilizers, antianxiety (to control aggression)
How is sexual dysfunction defined? Problems with desire, arousal or orgasm
What is gender dysphoria? The gender they feel doesn't match their biological gender
What are paraphilic disorders? Using sexual stimuli or acts outside of societal norms
What factors affect sexuality? Biological, behavioral and psychological
What are precipitating stressors that affect sexuality? Physical illness or injury, psychiatric illness, medications, fear of STDs/HIV
What medications can negatively impact sexual function? Antihypertensives and SSRIs
What coping mechanisms are related to sexual responses? Fantasy, projection, denial, rationalization
What is projection? Blaming partner for problem
What is one of the most frequently diagnosed disorders in children and adolescents? Conduct disorder
Created by: ssbourbon