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Endocrine Crossword

Questions and answers from Endocrine Crossword puzzle, exam 3

99% of thyroid hormones are bound to _____ proteins plasma
_____ is hyperactivity of the thyroid gland with sustained increase in synthesis and release of thyroid hormones Hyperthyroidism
_____ is the most abundant thyroid hormone Thyroxine
The organs of the endocrine system are referred to as _____ Glands
_____ is a rare condition characterized by a tumor of the adrenal medulla that produces excessive catecholamines Pheochromocytoma
_____ is an enlarged thyroid gland. Goiter
A classic finding in Grave's disease is _____, a protrusion of the eyeballs from the orbits Exophthalmos
_____ syndrome is overactivity of the adrenal gland. Cushing's
_____ is an acute, rare condition in which all hyperthyroid manifestations are heightened. Thyrotoxic crisis
_____ is an episode of severe adrenocortical insufficiency. Symptoms include: sudden back/abdominal/leg pain, hypoglycemia, hyper/hypothermia, decreased level of consciousness, volume depletion, and cardiac problems. Addison's crisis
This type of hypothyroidism is related to destruction of thyroid tissue or defective hormone synthesis Primary
Thyroxine, Tri-iodothyronine, and thyro-calcitonin are hormones of what gland? Thyroid
Type of hypothyroidism caused by anterior pituitary or hypothalamus dysfunction secondary
_____ disease that includes symptoms such as hyperthyroidism, goiter, exophthalmos, and pretibial myxedema Graves'
_____ is a small pea size gland that has 2 lobes, the anterior and posterior Pituitary gland
_____ is a severe slowing of all body activities. Symptoms include: decreased BMR, hypoventilation, hypothermia, hypotension, hypoglycemia, and hyponatremia Myxedema coma
_____ regulates the pituitary gland Hypothalamus
_____ a condition associated with inadequate circulating PTH Hypoparathyroidism
_____ disease includes decreased aldosterone, decreased glucocorticoids, and decreased androgens Addison's
Another name for thyrotoxic crisis Thyroid storm
_____ results from insufficient circulating thyroid hormone as a result of a variety of abnormalities Hypothyroidism
Drug of choice to treat hypothyroidism, also known as synthroid Levothyroxine
Thyroid _____ is digital clubbing and swelling of fingers Acropachy
Overproduction or oversecretion of ADH results in a condition known as _____ SIADH
Created by: Keller