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Ch. 19-21 Vocab

subcontinent The area of Asia that is bound by the Himalayas on the north & by the Indian Ocean on the south; bigger than a peninsula, but smaller than a continen
monsoon A seasonal wind caused by the heating & cooling of large landmasses
caste system System within Hinduism that assigns people to different classes, each with its own privileges & responsibilities; strictly determines one's social class
Brahmins Priests & teachers who occupy the highest caste along with rulers & warriors
Jainism Religion of India related to Hinduism & Buddhism
typhoon Hurricane that occurs over the waters near Eastern Asia
tsunami Huge wave caused by earthquakes
animism Religious belief that ascribes a spiritual powers to animals and plants
Himalayas Highest mountain range in the world
Mt. Everest Highest mountain in the world; in the Himalayas
Ganges River One of the longest rivers in the world; worshipped as a god int he Hindu religion
New Delhi Capital of India
Mahatma Ghandi Leader of Indian nationalism in British ruled India (civil rights leader); taught non-violent civil disobedience
Kashmir An area which is claimed by both India & Pakistan (disputed border)
Taj Mahal White marble memorial and tomb in India
Sherpas People of Nepal who are often hired as guides in the mountains
Gurkhas People of Nepal who are known for their fighting abilities
rupees The currency of India
Mohenjo-Duro An ancient Indian city in Pakistan; Indus Valley civilization from 2500-1700BC
Intensive farming A type of subsistence farming in fertile areas that allows individuals to raise crops on a small plot of land
Ancestor worship The belief that the dead have a continued existence & possess the ability to influence the lives of the living (veneration of the dead)
Dalai Lama Religious leader in Tibet who is viewed as the reincarnation of Buddha
Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) A neutral zone separating hostile countries, usually used in reference to South and North Korea
Hiroshima Japanese city & site of the first atomic bomb attack
Samurai Ancient Japanese warriors
Pacific Rim The countries that touch the Pacific Ocean, especially those of East Asia
Shanghai China's largest city
Beijing China's capital
Hong Kong British colony China's southern coast; reverted to China in 1997; the busiest port in the world
Tibet (Xizang) A plateau region in Asia; northeast of the Himalayas; highest region on Earth
Forbidden City The Imperial City where Chinese emperors used to live; In Beijing
Tiananmen Square Large city square in Beijing; site of a series of pro-democratic protests in 1989
Mao Zedong Communist leader in China; founding father of the People's Republic of China; 1949-1976 (death)
Taiwan Island in the South China Sea; under Chinese leadership despite a strong desire for independence
Ulaanbaatar Capital of Mongololia
Gobi Desert World's coldest & most northerly desert
Seoul Capital of South Korea
Honshu Japan's largest island
Shinto Japan's main religion
Tokyo Japan's capital
Indochina The mainland portion of Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, & Myanmar
Insular countries Countries that are isolated or cut off form other countries
Archipelago Large group of islands
Nirvana In Buddhism, the state of complete happiness & rest
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations Goal: to promote political & economic cooperation
Domino Theory The idea that if one country in Southeast Asia fell to communism the others would soon fall too, just like dominoes
Golden Triange Area where the borders of Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand meet
Mekong River The border between Thailand & Myanmar
Siam The former name of Thailand
Khmer Rouge The communist regime in Cambodia; in the mid 1970s it decided to "eliminate' any opposition; killed approx. 1.5 million people
Hanoi Capital of Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City Largest city in Southern Vietnam; formerly Saigon
Java Island in Indonesia; most densely populated in Indonesia
Jakarta Indonesia's capital
Luzon Largest & most populated island in the Philippines
Manila Capital of Philippines; on Luzon
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