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PA Crimes Code

Burglary The ENTERING of a BUILDING with the intent to commit a crime.
Robbery PHYSICALLY TAKES or removes property from the person of another through FORCE, however slight it may be.
Theft by Unlawful Taking UNLAWFULLY TAKES, or exercises unlawful control over Movable Property of another with the intent to deprive him there of.
Retail Theft Takes POSSESSION of or carries away any merchandise displayed for sale by any store or other retail establishment. (must leave to be theft)
Theft of Services INTENTIONALLY obtains SERVICES for himself which he knows are only for compensation. (eat and leave--- Pumping gas w/o paying)
Unauthorized use of Automobile Operates the automobile or motorcycle of another WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE OWNER. (even their own child can be included)
Harassment Engages in a course of Conduct or REPEATEDLY commits acts which ALARM or SERIOUSLY ANNOY another person and which serve NO LEGITIMATE PURPOSE
Criminal Mischief INTENTIONALLY or RECKLESSLY tampers with the PROPERTY of another as so to ENDANGER PERSON or PROPERTY.
Act 64/ Title 35 The controlled substance DRUG, DEVICE, and COSMETIC ACT.
218's/ 418's Protection Orders Papers that are COURT ORDERED DOCUMENTS ordering an ABUSER to REFRAIN from any acts of ABUSE AGAINST the VICTIM (Petitioner) while also advising of restrictions. (visitation, contact, phone calls either at home or work or in public.)
Suspicious Condition Outside event that could potential result in a crime.
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