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Form 1

Revision 2

Name the 4 sections of the orchestra? Strings, woodwind, brass, percussion
Name 4 stringed instruments? Violin, viola, cello, double bass
Name 4 woodwind instruments? Flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon
Name 4 brass instruments? Trumpet, trombone, french horn, tuba
What instrument does the leader of the orchestra play? Violin
What instrument plays the note A in order for the rest of the orchestra to tune up? Oboe
What is pizzicato? To pluck a stringed instrument
The ____________ the instrument the _____________ the pitch Smaller, higher
Which woodwind instruments have a double reed? Oboe, bassoon
Which woodwind instrument has no reed? Flute
Which woodwind instruments have single reeds? Clarinet, saxophone
Which brass instrument would play a fanfare, to announce the arrival of royalty or to sound a warning of danger in battle? Trumpet
Which brass instrument has a slide? Trombone
Which brass instrument is made of 10 metres of metal coiled around in a circle? French horn
Name some examples of tuned percussion? Xylophone, glockenspiel, timpani (kettle drums)
Name some examples of untuned percussion? Snare drum, tringle, tambourine, woodlock, cleaves, castanets, maracas
What tinny sounding instrument was there before the piano? Harpsichord
What is Mozart's full name? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Where and when was he born? Salzburg in Austria in 1756
When did he die? 1791
What era of music did he compose during? The Classical era
Where did Leopold (his father) take Mozart and his sister when they were children. To perform in various courts around Europe, from the age of 6- 16 Mozart was shown off as a child prodigy/genius.
How do people feel about these 'tours of Europe' that Mozart's father took him on? They feel he was being exploited.
Name some examples of operas that Mozart wrote? The Magic Flute, The Marraige of Figaro, The Barber of Seville, Don Giovanni
What was the name of Mozart's wife? Constanze
Where was Mozart buried ? In an unmarked grave (paupers grave) in Vienna, very few people attended
What had Mozart achieved at the age of 12? 3 operas, 6 symphonies, 100 other works
What other composer was Mozart very good friends with? Haydn
Created by: goneill