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Form 1


What does a dot under a note mean? Staccato, to hop off the note
What does a dot after a note do? It adds on half the value of the note
What is written at the start of a piece of music to tell you how many beats are in the bar? The time signature
What clef is used for high pitched instruments or right hand piano? The treble clef
What is another name for the treble clef and why is it called this? The G clef, it begins on the G line
What clef is used for low pitched instruments or left hand piano? The bass clef
What is another name for the bass clef and why is it called this? The F clef, it starts on the F line.
What does p mean? Piano, to play softly
What does mp mean? Mezzo piano, to play moderately soft
What does f mean? Forte, to play loudly
What does mf mean? Mezzo forte, to play moderately loud
What does crescendo mean? To get gradually louder
What does decrescendo or diminuendo mean? To get gradually softer
What does pianissimo mean? To play very softly (PP)
What does a slur mean? To play the notes smoothly
How would you remember the names of the lines of the treble clef? Every Good Boy Deserves Fun or Every Green Bus Drives Fast
How would you remember the names of the lines of the bass clef? Green Buses Drive Fast Always
How would you remember the names of the spaces of the treble clef? FACE
How would you remember the names of the spaces of the bass clef? All Cows Eat Grass
How many beats is a semibreve worth and what is its other name? 4 beats, whole note
How many beats is a minim worth and what is its other name? 2 beats, half note
How many beats is a crotchet worth and what is its other name? 1 beat, quarter note
How many beats is a quaver worth and what is its other name? Half a beat, eigth note
In a time signature what does the number on top tell you? The number of beats in a bar
In a time signature what does the number on the bottom tell you? The type of beat
If 4 was a bottom number, what would that mean That you are counting in crotchets ( Quarter notes)
What is an ostinato? A repeated pattern, for example the violin part used in the song "Rather Be"
What does diegetic mean ? The characters are aware of the music in a film
What does non diegetic mean? The charaters are not aware of the music in a film
Where does Motown music come from? Detroit
Who founded Motown records? Berry Gordy Jnr in 1959
Prior to Motown, what was Detroit famous for? The Ford Car industry, Gordy was inspired by Fords factory idea and so set about making his own hit making machine that was Motown or Hitsville USA
What made Motown different to other music? It was an all black record label that had universal appeal, it appealed to everyone, regardless of skin colour
What is syncopation? To put stress on the weak beats, example beats 2 and 4 in 4/4 time
What does monophonic mean? One line of melody, example a violin playing on its own
What does homophonic mean? One line of melody accompanied by chords, example a singer singing a song and a guitarist playing chords or a choir singing in harmony
What does polyphonic mean? 2 or more melodies at the same time, example a choir singing a round
What are polyrhythms? Lots of rhythms at the same time
What is call and response? One person might sing or play a drum part and the others would respond with something different
What is echo? One person sings or plays something and everybody repeats it
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