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Huanying 1.6.3

jiān measure word for rooms
卧室 wò shì bedroom
参观 cān guān visit (a place)
客厅 kè tīng living room
厨房 chú fáng kitchen
饭厅 fàn tīng dining room
书房 shū fáng study room
里边 lǐ biān inside
过道 guò dào hallway; corridor
卫生间 wèi shēng jiān bathroom
中间 zhōng jiān middle
房间 fáng jiān room
zhēn really
gèng more, even more
对面 duì miàn opposite, across from
liàng bright
tái for machines (computers, TVs)
当时 dāng shí at that time, back then
自己 zì jǐ self
luàn messy, in disorder
整齐 zhěng qí tidy, in order
主卧室 zhǔ wò shì master bedroom
车库 chē kù garage
花园 huā yuán garden
院子 yuàn zi yard
阳台 yáng tái balcony
洗澡间 xǐ zǎo jiān bathroom
浴室 yù shì bathroom
厕所 cè suǒ toilet, restroom
洗手间 xǐ shǒu jiān restroom
储藏室 chǔ cáng shì storage room
壁橱 bì chú closet
ā at the end of the sentence to express moods
合住 hé zhù live together, share a room
màn slow in speed
Created by: ShouChun
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