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UNIT 4 - 6th Grade

ruthless acts cruelly, no pity or compassion
unearthed dug up
ancestral dealing with ancestors
forge make or build
embodied idea or quality that's represented in a physical way, symbol
artistry artistic ability, quality
recreational relaxation, for fun
saga story that tells the history's legend
majestic big & beautiful
destiny a person's future
archeologists scientists who study items
replicas copies, have been ancient China
lustrous something that reflects light
elaborate planned or made with careful attention
excavate to dig
distinct can be told apart
dignified worthy of honor or respect
mythical something mystical is imaginary and often part of
temperments peoples personalities as shown in the way they feel or act
precede is to come before in order of time
steadfast focused on a goal, be counted on
rash act quickly & carelessly, don't think
bitterly extreme dislike
unravels comes apart, falls apart
labyrinth maze
fury rage, violent, angry
embrace hug
abandon leave something behind
massive big, large
somber gloomy
divine from gods, sacred, holy
ceremonial formal, elaborate, fancy
fragments broken pieces
pondered wonder, think about
supportive give assistance or help
erected built
mission quest or journey
prosperity wealthy, successful
emerge come up, into view
depicted shows
unaffected unchanged or unbothered
dormant quiet & inactive
subjected to be made or forced to tolerate or undergo
salvage save from being lost or destroyed
outlying far from the center of a city or town
opulent decorated in a grand expensive and showy style
tremors underground rumblings that causes the ground to shake
imprints impressions of a shape, showing where objects were
luxurious costly & designed for comfort and pleasure
meager too small or not enough
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