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Peds - Test 1

walks alone 15 months- gross motor
stacks 2 blocks, rolls ball, turns pages of book 15 months- fine motor
4-10 words 15 months- sensory/communication
points to at least 1 body part, explores environment 15 months- cognitive
shows pride, identifies family in pictures, shows affection 15 months- social
walks easily, starts to run, may walk up stairs 18 months- gross motor
scribbles, undress self, pulls/pushes toys, stacks 3 blocks, eats with spoon 18 months- fine motor
points to interesting things or to show desire, 15-20 words 18 months- sensory/communication
explores as long as parents close by, points to one part of body, follows 1-step verbal command 18 months- cognitive
temper tantrums, stranger anxiety, clingy 18 months- social
kicks ball, stands on tiptoe, climbs furniture, walks up and down steps holding on 24 months- gross motor
builds tower of 4 bricks, scribbles, undress self, throw ball overhead, makes/copies straight lines and circles 24 months- fine motor
2-4 word sentences, repeats overheard words 24 months- sensory/communication
points to/names things in books, follows 2 step commands, finds hidden objects, sorts shapes and colors, completes familiar books and rhymes 24 months- cognitive
mimics others, increased independence, defiant behavior, parallel play, plays simple make believe 24 months- social
climbs well, rides tricycle, walks down steps with alternating feet 36 months- gross motor
dresses and undresses self, builds tower of more than 6 blocks, screws/unscrews lids, open door handles 36 months- fine motor
converses in 2-3 sentences, speech understandable to strangers 36 months- sensory/communication
understands "mine, his, hers", follows 2-3 step commands, 2-4 piece puzzle 36 months- cognitive
shows affection/concern for friends, takes turns, separates easily from caregiver, plays make believe 36 months- social
hops, stands on 1 foot 4yrs- gross motor
uses scissors, catches ball 4yrs- fine motor
talks about likes/interests, understands basic grammar 4yrs- sensory/communication
names colors and numbers, says first and last names, tells stories, starts to understand time, draws person with 2-4 body parts, starts to write letters 4yrs- cognitive
plays with others, cooperates, can't distinguish real/make believe 4yrs- social
may skip, stands on 1 foot > 10 seconds, somersault, swings, climbs 5yrs- gross motor
uses all eating utensils, uses bathroom on own, buttons clothes, may tie shoes 5yrs- fine motor
speech very clear, uses future tense, tells simple story 5yrs- sensory/communication
name and address, counts to 10 or more, draws person with 6 parts, prints letters and numbers, copies shapes 5yrs- cognitive
wants to be like friends, agrees with rules, sing, dance, act, aware of gender, knows real/make believe 5yrs- social
Holds head up, Head midline,Supports weight on forearms 2 months- gross motor
Holds rattle, Brings hands to midline 2 months- fine motor
Tracks to midline, Turns head to voice/sound, Coos 2 months- sensory/communication
reflexive responses 2 months- cognitive
smiles, recognizes people, can get bored 2 months- social
No head lag, Turns front-back, Holds head steady,Pushes up to elbows 4 months- gross motor
Feet to mouth, Hands to mouth, Holds bottle,Palmar grasp, Reaches for and shakes toys 4 months- fine motor
Babbles with expression, Uses hands and eyes together, Tracks side-side 4 months- sensory/communication
Reflexive responses =pleasure = repeated responses 4 months- cognitive
Smiles at people, Laughs, Copies facial expressions, Responds to affection 4 months- social
Rolls both ways, Begins to sit without support, Rocks back and forth, Supports weight when standing 6 months- gross motor
transfers objects, bangs objects, beginning pincer grasp 6 months- fine motor
responds to sounds with sounds, babbles-vowels, responds to name, sounds to show emotions, jabbers-consonants (m,b) 6 months- sensory/communication
increased awareness of environments, looks around, shows curiosity 6 months- cognitive
knows faces, begins to recognize strangers, likes to play with others, looks at self in mirror 6 months- social
Stands, holding, Sits by self, Sits without support, Pulls to stand, Crawls 9 months- gross motor
crude pincer grasp 9 months- fine motor
Understands “no”, Combines sounds (mamama, baba), Copies sounds and gestures, Points with fingers 9 months- sensory/communication
intentional behavior, peek-a-boo, beginning object permanence 9 months- cognitive
stranger anxiety, favorite toys, clingy 9 months- social
Cruises, Sits from standing, Stand alone, May take a few steps by self 12 months- gross motor
Waves, Pokes, Neat pincer, Puts things in and takes out of container, Begins to build 2 block tower 12 months- fine motor
Responds to simple commands, 2-3 words (mama, dada, uh-oh), Sounds with tone mimicking speech, Tries to say words 12 months- sensory/communication
Finds hidden objects, Copies gestures, Uses objects correctly (comb, cup), Increased curiosity 12 months- cognitive
separation anxiety, favorite things and people, fear, plays games, helps with dressing 12 months- social
Created by: ecramer23
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