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3.04 vocab


Banner Ads Enables marketers to target specific groups of customers to get the best result.
Buttons Smaller banner ad normally used to advertise programs used in creating the site.
Banner ads embedding an add into a web page
Pop-up front/ under adds ads that display in new browser window either in front or behind the current browser window
flash ads adding interactive elements to standard HTML sites
Floating ads move across a screen or floats above the content
exit pops when you exit a website a related website opens and can be annoying.
rich media ads includes animation or video and have more complex interactions
TExt ads advertising using text based hyper links
advergames video games containing advertisements
virtual world these are still evolving and have not been that successful- can be used to market a virtual store
sponsorships companies that pay to advertise on certain websites on order to be affiliated or recognized.
sponsored search results ads from companies that may say brought to you by
bookmarks collection of direct links to predefined web pages stored in toye web browser.
guides assist in providing information or a roadmap to the web.
e-mail based ads embedded in or the entire email is an advertisement
mobile marketing the use of wireless networks and cellphone as a means of marketing communication.
sms exchange of short message between fixed line or mobile phones
mobile advergaming games on the move
websites groups of pages on the www. devoted to one or several topics
location based servises recommendation services like restaurants, retailers, events, etc.
QR codes web based software solution to create interactive marketing and promotional campaigns through generation of quick response.
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