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Geography Africa

strategic value the value of a country's location for nations planning large-scale military action
ethnocracy a form of government in which one ethic group rules over others
villagization forcing rural people to move into towns and work on collective farms
harambee a swahili word which means 'pulling together'
pyrethrum a pesticide made by flowers, specifically a cash crop of kenya
malnutrition disease caused by not having a healthy diet
coup a sudden political takeover
ancestor worship the idea that spirits of the dead will live on if the people still living continue to honor and respect them
animism the belief that gods or spirits can be found in ordinary things such as the sky and trees
shifting agriculture moving crops to new soil every couple of years
forage food for grazing animals
deforestation the stripping of land of its trees, especially prominent in the sahel
desertification a land's loss of all vegetation, especially prominent in the sahel
refugee a person fleeing home to live elsewhere and escape danger or unfair treatment
landlocked a country that has no seaport
inland delta an area of lakes, creeks, and swamps away from the ocean
world bank/international monetary fund agencies of the united nations that gives loans to countries for development projects
structural adjustment program a set of guidelines that is supposed to make a country's economy work better, has been put into effect in nigeria
watershed a central ridge dividing two river basins
mercenaries a person not from a country who fights for this country, fighting involving them existed in democratic republic of congo for years
barter when people exchange goods instead of money
enclave a country completely surrounded by another country, like lesotho
white flight departure of trained white administrators and technicians
land redistribution process where land is taken from those who have plenty and given to those who have little or none
apartheid a system of laws instituted in south africa to keep black americans and whites apart
segregation forced separation of racial groups
sanctions actions that punish a country for behavior unacceptable to the international community of nations
colonialism (definition) the control or governing influence of a nation over a dependent region, 1870-1960 in africa
colonialism (role and way of achieving) by force, sometimes trickery, sometimes by "agreement", racism played a role
colonialism (effects) economic dependency, authoritarian, with lasting impact on economic, social, and political affairs, but led to resistance and ultimately independence
berlin conference 1884-1885, european conference that divided africa into colonial territories, little regard for ethnic groups or culture, many rivers as borders
colonial benefits to africans improved healthcare, new agriculture methods, development of resources, improvements in transportation, communication, and education
colonial detriments to africans disruption of native culture, profits to europe (exploitation), no leadership training to africans which causes civil unrest
current happenings in sub-saharan africa growth of cities, high child and maternal mortality rate, low life expectancy complicated by AIDS, not densely populated
AIDS impact on households spending on education and food falling bc healthcare, over 14 million orphans, those with farms spend less time farming so make less money
AIDS impact on education supply of teachers falling drastically, no secondary school age orphans in school still, only half in primary school
AIDS impact on the health sector over 25 million have died
AIDS impact on the economy companies reduction of production bc less workers, most productive members of society more likely to be diseased
nomadic herding the practice of moving flocks to different pastures throughout the year
escarpment a steep cliff that separates two level areas of different elevations
leaching the dissolving and washing away of nutrients in the soil
chaparral a type of natural vegetation that is adapted to mediterranean climates, small evergreen trees and low bushes or scrub
oral history history passed down by word of mouth
savanna a tropical grassland with scattered trees, located in the warm lands near the equator
plateau an area of high, flat land
sahel the region in africa just south of the sahara
land degradation reduction in the productive potential of the land
population density the average number of people living in a given area
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