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Unit 2-Shiloh


injury damage done to a person or thing
mournful full of sadness
sympathy understands another's feelings
delivering taking or carrying something to a person or place
slurp to eat or drink noisily
shrieks loud cries
bulletin board a place to post notices, posters, and pictures
decency the quality of being polite and considerate
veterinarian a doctor who cares for animals
fractures broken bones
anatomy the structure of an animal, plant, or any of its parts
diagnose to identify an illness by its symptoms
contamination the spread of germs, pollution, or disease
beagle a small, smooth-coated dog having short legs, drooping ears, and usually white, tan, and black markings, often used for hunting
county one of the sections into which a state or country is divided
turpentine a liquid that is mixed with paint and other substances to make them thinner
Created by: sarahrobin