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Camp Kanuga Words

Wilson Hall - Camp Kanuga Words - 6th Grade

Sheds its leacves all at once + grows them back. Trees that continually loses their leaves; always green Deciduous/Evergreen
Organisms that live on dead trees : FBI (fungus, bacteria, insects) Decomposers
a key used to identify trees Dichotomous Key
washing or blowing away of dirt + soil erosion
place where plants and animals live habitat
vessels that carry food + nutrients from the leaves to the rest of the tree phloem
a process by which the plants make food out of sunlight, nurtients, & water photosynthesis
spreads seeds around by animals, wind, & water seed dispersal
how a forest changes over time succession
animals that are active during the day diurnal
a vessel that takes water from the roots to parts of the tree xylem
lower part of the food chain affecting the higher one biomagnifications
animals that don'r produce their own food, so they have to eat other animals consumers
study of the interaction between organisms in an ecosystem ecology
a cycle of livings consuming to survive Food Chain/Web
Animals that hunt prey; animals that are hunted by prey predator/prey
organisms that make their own food producers
material that will decompose naturally biodegradable
system of living things eco
study of ology
changes to survive or fit into the enviroment adaptions
to break down into groups according to specific characteristics classifacation
fight to survive competition
system of plants & animals (organisms) according to the location ecosystem
place where animals live habitat
the roll an animal plays in the enviroment niche
circle of life biosphere
when living plants & animals grow well in certain area; the plants and animals that live in a certain CLIMATE biome
plants flora
animal fauna
type of bird raptor
changes made to suit a certain enviroment adaptions
see color during the day (light) cones (eyes)
physical image seen in your mind imagination
seeing in the dark night vision
animals that come out at night nocturnal
see different shades of grey during the night rods (eye)
made by friction triboluminescence
a chemical reaction in plants & some animals biominescence
to rig something properly; in rockclimbing it means "am I safe?" belay
in rockclimbing "you are safe" belay on
tells degree & direction compass
teamwork; working together cooperation
food left on the plate that is not eaten; plate waist food waste
aroup of straps you wear to climb to keep you from falling harness
waiter/waitress hopper
2 steps pace
rock mine quarry
to come down from or descend while climbing repel
fruits & vegetables collected and stored to create mulch compost
Created by: JohnEagleMiles