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Timpeallacht environment
Aeráid climate
Teocht temperature
Athrú aeráide climate change
Téamh Domhanda global warming
Athchúrsáil recycling
Breosla fuel
Tírdhreach landscape
Triomach drought
Tuillte floods
Crith talún earthquake
Bolcán Beo Volcano
Truailliú pollution
Astuithe carbóin carbon emissions
Breosla Iontaise fossil fuels
Muilte Gaoithe wind mills
Dramhaíl Dump/landfill/waste
Gáis Cheaptha Teasa Green house gases
Caipíni Oighir ice caps
I mbaol a dhíothaithe in danger of extinction
Ag leá melting
Foinsí Inathnuaithe Fuinnimh renewable energy sources
Comhaontú Kyoto Kyoto Agreement
Stáisiún Ghiniúna Nuicleacha Nuclear power station
Deatach smoke
Doirtí ola oil spills
Tonn Milteach Sunami
Created by: marygalligan