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Alternate Energy

Why we are experiencing a world-wide energy crisis? lots of people are using lots of gadgets and we are running out of energy!
What are the four types of Fossil fuels (C.O.N.G.? Coil, Oil, Natural Gas
Which type of energy is always available to us? Renewable or non-renewable energy? Renewable
What does coal come from? Decaying plants
What are the 4 stages of coal formation (in the correct order)? Peat, lignite, bituminous, anthracite
How oil is formed? It is formed from dead sea animals
Name 3 different alternate fuel sources (ex: for your home, etc.) wood, solar energy, nuclear energy
Name 3 Advantages of solar energy free, non-polluting, no one owns it
Name 2 Disadvantages of solar energy: expensive to store, not constant
What are three things you need to do to your home to collect solar energy? 1) Solar collectors that are perpendicular to the sun's rays 2) Massive storage areas 3) Big windows facing south
Which type of solar energy collection uses moving parts? Passive or Active? Active Solar Energy
What are the 5 types of alternate (renewable) energy sources? Wind, tidal, geothermal, photovoltaic, biomass
What is the best way to conserve energy while driving? Drive 55 mph
Which is the best way to save water? Shower or bath? Take a bath
What should you do to your light bulbs to save energy? Dust them often
What type of bulb should you use to save energy? Fluorescent bulbs
What should you put on your windows to save energy? weatherstripping
What does "refitting" your home mean? Altering your home to save energy
Created by: chetjenn