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south & east africa


what colonist settled the area Dutch and English
what is the name for the people that where dutch, English, and african coloureds
what percentage of the people in Africa are black 80%
is it warm or cold in Africa warm
does the temperature change much no
what 2 deserts are in africa Sahara and kalahari
what kind of terrain does Africa mostly have savannas
what made life difficult for African farmers unreliable rainfall and poor soil
what was the name of the places blacks where forced to live in homelands
what 3 things did the blacks have to carry at all times identity documents, pass, and passports
who became president in 1989 F.W. de Clerk
what opposition leader did F.W. de Clerk release in 1990 Nelson Mandela
what did the two of them work together to make a smooth transition away from apartheid
what did mandela and clerk share nobel peace prize
what does HIV attack immune system
how is HIV passed on sexual activity, contact with an infected persons blood, tainted blood transfusion, doctors and nurses having needle accidents, people who use infected drugs sharing needles
ways HIV and AIDS are not passed through sharing kitchen utensils, insects or animal bites, touching, hugging or shaking hands, toilet seats, saliva
what 2 rivers make up the Nile the white and blue Nile
what are the ultimate hunting trophies in africa wild lions, giraffes, elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros
where is the Serengeti plain Tanzania
what animals are protected in the Serengeti plain lions, elephants, rhinoceroses, cape buffalo, and leopards
predators in the Serengeti plain lions, cheetahs, leopards and crocodiles
what is the tallest mountain in Africa Mt. Kilimanjaro
what kind of peak is MT. Kilimanjaro volcanic
what is apartheid a rigorous policy of racial separation
what is genocide a systematic killing of a race of people
what controls access to the red sea Djibouti's strategic location
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