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parenteral routes of administration other than GI such as IM, subcutaneous, intradermal (ID) and IV
RULE OF CALCULATION FOR PARENTERAL DOSAGES 1. round amt to b administered (X) to tenths if the amt is greater than 1ml and measure in 3ml syringe 2. round amts of less than 1ml to hundreds, and measure all amt less than 0.5ml in a 1ml syringe. 3. amts of 0.5 to 1ml calculated in tenths can b acc
Dilaudid analgesic hydromorphone used for pain. is used orally, suppositories and IV
Famotidine H2 receptor blocking to treat gastric ulcers, heart burn.
Digoxin cardiac glycoside for congestive heart failure and cardiac arrhythmias
Robinul anticholinergic to inhibit salivation and excess respiratory secretions prior to surgery, for peptic ulcers
Diphenhydramine antihistamine used to treat allergic rxns such as itching, motion sickness, insomnia and symptoms of parkinsons disease.
Ketorolac anti-inflammatory drug for severe acute pain in adults esp postoperatively. NOT a contol substance.
Ativan Lorazepam. Antianxiety, sedative before surgery and to treat continuous seizures(status epilepticus) tablets,oral sol or injections
high alert parenteral medications drugs that have high risk of harm if error occurs. eg insulin, heparin
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